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Pebble Pro is a European supplier of top quality natural pebble swimming pool interiors. We provide the product, training and technology for clients looking for pebble finishes in swimming pools throughout Europe. Pebble Pro ™ is an affiliated company of Iberia Blue Lda who holds the sole European distribution of the Pebble Pro product in the EU (Euro Zone).

We are committed to supplying a top quality pool interior product at a competitive price throughout the European community. Pebble Pro™ has experience with applying pebble pool interiors for over 20 years throughout Europe in many countries including Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Monaco, Italy, Cyprus, Greece to name but a few.

We are available to co-ordinate with Architects / designers and building contractors from the start of the project to help corporate the best features to ensure the swimming pool is more than just functional, it is a beautiful work of art combining the most up to date features available on the market today. In the 2015 season Pebble Pro™ was applied to over 5.500m2 of swimming pools in Portugal and Spain and 11.500m2 in France.

This pool technique has been tried and tested in Australia since the 1980s and has since become the main stay of all pools in Australia, in fact over 90% of all pools are now finished with a pebble interior. Pebble finished pools are also widespread in America and are becoming more and more popular throughout Europe due to their natural and contemporary aspect.
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where excellence meets innovation in the world of swimming pool design and construction. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and craftsmanship has been recognized through a series of prestigious awards that showcase our dedication to setting new standards in the industry.

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Our licensed building company is considered to be one of the major pool companies in the Algarve and Portugal offering a specialized range of pool design and unique finishes.

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